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Zlata Sinyova

(19.08.1965 – 06.10.2012)


Zlata Sinyova, the Head of the data processing group at the Kazakhstan National Data Center IGR NNC RK, suddenly passed away on October 6, 2012. She was just 47 years old and full of plans. All of this came to an end without warning.

Zlata was born on August 19, 1965. She graduated from Physics Faculty of Kazakh State University. Her expertise was in geophysics and seismology. After graduating from the University Zlata started her work at the Kazakhstan branch of all-Soviet Union Institute of Exploration Geophysics in Almaty, and then continued at the Institute of Geophysical Research of the National Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan. In 1999, the Center for Acquisition and Processing of Special Seismic Information was established under the IGR NNC RK to fulfill functions of the Kazakhstan National Data Center (KNDC) for the purpose of monitoring compliance with the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).

Zlata was one of the first KNDC employees. Her contribution towards set up and operation of KNDC was invaluable. She was involved in creating the data acquisition and processing system. She adopted best practices and methods of more experienced scientific Centers such as the NORSAR in Norway and Lamont-Doherty Observatory of Columbia University, USA.

During six months of 2000, Zlata was trained at the IDC CTBTO in Vienna and then, despite a firm offer to work at the IDC, she has returned to Almaty knowing that there would be a lot of exciting work and research back at home.

Due to Zlata’s efforts, since 2002 KNDC has had automated production of seismic bulletins, Since 2003, joint data processing of two independent observational networks of Kazakhstan was set up. Zlata was also responsible for KNDC international communication with the ISC, IDC, EMSC and GS RAS. As the KNDC representative, she participated in the annual CTBTO evaluation workshops, and in annual working group meetings for the IGR NNC RK and AFTAC in Florida, USA.

Zlata conducted independent scientific research in various areas of seismic monitoring. The results of her research were published in more than 50 scientific papers, and presented at numerous international conferences. Her work is known to demonstrate an original approach and detailed analysis. Among Zlata's main fields of investigation were:

  • investigation of seismic noise at Kazakhstan seismic stations;
  • seismic calibration of Kazakhstan stations;
  • analysis of wave pattern regularities from the records of regional earthquakes using Kazakhstan stations data;
  • assessment of Kazakhstan stations efficiency in regional and global monitoring.

During her last three years Zlata devoted all of her energy to the operation of the International Training Center, in support of the CTBTO, established at KNDC with the help of NORSAR. She gave lectures and practical exercises on seismogram processing. More than 40 colleagues from various institutions of Central Asia will remember Zlata as a professional and at the same time a very sincere, frank, and open hearted person. Her last lectures were given just a few days before her sudden death.

Zlata was a rather smart person with analytical type of thinking and excellent memory. She was able to understand the essence of processes and phenomena that she dealt with and examined rather complex issues. Zlata was greatly respected by her colleagues around the world. She was a shy and very decent person. She was sympathetic to others, cared about her colleagues and was always ready to help to those in trouble.

We, her colleagues, were greatly shocked by this unexpected loss. We still cannot believe that she is not with us anymore. Zlata will always be remembered.

We have received numerous condolences from different countries. These were sent by colleagues who knew Zlata personally, worked with her or communicated with her on work matters. We are grateful to everyone for their sympathy and support.



Natalya Mikhailova,

The Head of KNDC                             


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